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Latest Update on the Canadian Grocery Code of Conduct Initiative

January 2024:  The Interim Board of Directors, representing a newly formed Office of the Adjudicator for the Grocery Code of Conduct, presented a finalized version of the Grocery Code and its governance framework to Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Ministers in late 2023. This marked a key phase in an ongoing code development effort that began in fall 2021, focusing on promoting fair trading practices within the grocery sector. Originally led by a Steering Committee composed of senior executives from 10 industry associations, this group evolved into the Interim Board of Directors on November 2, 2023, establishing a firm administrative base for the Code.

The Code’s development has been a collaborative journey, heavily influenced by the input of various sub-committees and the Industry Working Group, which came together in July 2022. This group, made up of executives from different segments of the grocery supply chain, has been pivotal in shaping the Code in its entirety. Supported by a competition law specialist, their discussions have ensured that the Code is equitable and attuned to the complexities of the Canadian grocery market. Contributions from a wide range of stakeholders within the grocery supply chain have also been crucial in shaping the Code.

The success of the Grocery Code of Conduct depends on the involvement and support of all major grocery retailers. There have been concerns about potential market imbalances if not all key players participate, a topic that was prominently discussed in recent House of Commons Agriculture Committee hearings.

Addressing these challenges, the Interim Board remains dedicated to engaging in meaningful dialogue to find solutions that respect the interests of all parties involved.

We will continue to provide updates as this initiative progresses.

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