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Securing Canada’s essential food and grocery supply chains has never been more important. That’s why Canada needs a Grocery Code of Conduct — to promote predictability, transparency, and fair dealing as ingredients and products make their way from suppliers to stores to Canadians’ homes.

Leaders across government, grocery retail, and food and consumer product manufacturing have worked together over the last two years to jointly develop solutions that will ensure a better deal in store for everyone.


objectives thriving industry

Enable a thriving industry

objectives trust

Promote trust, fair dealing, and collaboration throughout the value chain

objectives certainty

Increase commercial certainty

objectives dispute resolution

Establish effective, equitable dispute resolution 

objectives stakeholders

Recognize the unique needs of all stakeholders in the grocery value chain 


Transparency & Certainty

Fair Dealing Across the Value Chain

Timely Dispute Resolution


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Interim Board informs FPT ministers of commitment of all major grocers to support the Grocery Code of Conduct

The Grocery Sector Code of Conduct Interim Board of Directors is pleased to inform the FPT Agriculture and Agri-food Ministers that we have the commitment of all the major grocers to support the Grocery Code of Conduct. This includes all the national grocers and the many regional and local independent grocers from coast to coast. In addition, we have the commitment of all key suppliers, large and small, in the country’s food supply chain.


While there is still much work to be done, including the development of the processes required to ensure an efficient and effective implementation, the establishment of an operating office, the hiring of an adjudicator, industry education, and much more, we are delighted to report that all stakeholders have expressed their desire and their commitment to assist and support the implementation of a voluntary industry-led Code in Canada. The commitment of the major grocers underscores the importance of a fully inclusive, voluntary Code developed and managed by stakeholders across the entire grocery supply chain.


Read the Interim Board’s full message here.

Interim Board of the Office of the Grocery Sector Code of Conduct Welcomes Loblaw’s Announcement of Support

Toronto, ON, May 16, 2024 – The Interim Board of the Office of the Grocery Sector Code of Conduct (OGSCC) for the Grocery Code of Conduct welcomes today’s announcement from Loblaw Companies Limited that it has officially committed to participating in the Grocery Code of Conduct.

On behalf of the OGSCC Interim Board, the Chair,  Michael Graydon, stated that:. “We welcome the news that Loblaw has agreed to participate in the Grocery Code of Conduct. Within a very complex food system, the vision for the Code has always been based on a fully inclusive, voluntary Code, developed by the grocery industry and managed by its stakeholders across the supply chain. Today’s announcement by Loblaw brings us one step closer to the implementation of the Code as we continue to work with all industry partners to ensure we have maximum participation.

The series of discussions held between Loblaw and the Code Industry Working Group provided an opportunity to embed additional clarity around some of the Code’s provisions ensuring the Code is applied as intended, supporting simplicity, and fostering a clear understanding of its application. Ultimately, this will lead to better collaboration between all parties involved in the grocery supply chain.

The Code’s development, initiated by the Federal-Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Agriculture, has been a collaborative effort involving retailers, distributors, manufacturers/suppliers and primary producers. This collaborative approach ensures that the Code supports small stakeholders and the industry, recognizing the complexities of the Canadian grocery market.

For more information, please contact the Interim Board of the OGSCC through its website at:


Anthony Fuchs,
Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada

Michelle Wasylyshen
Retail Council of Canada

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